Reflections on Connect 2010 Vancouver

I enjoyed Connect this year but figured I’d toss my constructive feedback out to the community for discussion, debate, or possibly even confirmation. As you can probably guess I’ve spent almost 20 years attending, speaking at, and even helping organize conferences within technology, business and academia. At this point I could not possibly account for […]

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On Stock Options

Over the past way-too-many years I’ve had occasion to interview north of 250 individuals for dozens of positions at both startups and large companies on both sides of the border.  Having spent my teething years (professionally) in the maelstrom of Silicon Valley I have come to be able to recognize many different character types and […]

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You Fucking Morons

I’m not usually one to get excited about this sort of stuff, but living as I do at pretty-much the epicentre of the coming Olympics in Vancouver 2010 issues of security, terrorism, and other such hysteria have got my spider-senses tingling.  I’m fairly convinced that, given Canada’s very active participation in NATO’s Afghan adventure and […]

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On Business Cards

I attended the Connect09 event this evening and was pleased to see such an active, engaged turnout and such a well-organized event. Hardly the picture one would paint if they’d already drawn the conclusion that the tech economy in this province was dead.  But I did have one of those ironic interactions last night that […]

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