The Yellow Pages: Adapt or die?

While there is much kvetching and hand-wringing of late regarding impending demise of the dead-tree business (sic) that is the newspaper industry, there is another dead-tree business that is descending quickly toward irrelevance:  The Yellow Pages. Every year, beginning around this time, trucks shunt around cities and visit every household in North America, and indeed […]

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Cable Industry Sees VoIP Looming… By Ben Charny Staff Writer, CNET January 27, 2003, 4:00 AM PT Read more about VoIP A group of telecommunications giants is quietly pushing a proposal that could create hang-ups for up-and-coming Internet-telephone rivals. At stake are rules used to divvy up the 5.2 billion unassigned phone numbers set aside for use in […]

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Not Sold On The Stupid Network… Wednesday, October 30, 2002 The stupid network: Why I’m not sold…yet There may yet be a place for special packet treatment, and the silicon to do it By Scott Mace, You know things are bad in the Internet industry when the best-sounding idea out there is David Isenberg’s call for the return to […]

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NextGen Voice is Hot In Asia? Thursday August 22, 2:36 pm ET Press Release SOURCE: Infonetics Research Next Gen Voice Product Market Hit $233.6M In 2Q02; Strong Growth Expected In Asia Pacific SAN JOSE, CA–(INTERNET WIRE)–Aug 22, 2002 — Worldwide revenue for next gen voice products totaled $233.6 million in 2Q02, an 18% decline from 1Q02, and is projected to […]

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Net2Phone Sues Dialpad For Hiring… Thursday October 26 02:00 PM EDT Net2Phone sues rival for hiring its employees By Wylie Wong, CNET Net2Phone has sued rival start-up for hiring two of its executives, the latest example of the fierce competition among tech companies to attract and retain employees. At stake is the ability of workers to pursue […]

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