Never Trust a Geek

None of us really knows how our cars work, which means that every trip to the auto mechanic is an act of faith. Even when we’re suspicious of the repairs or dubious diagnosis provided by the corner mechanic we often roll over anyway, throw open our wallets, and genuflect in the presence of their mystical […]

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Arrogance of Empire…,9115,1022027,00.html Arrogance of empire Paul Foot Wednesday August 20, 2003 The Guardian In hospital last month for a (literally) nerve-wracking operation on my back, I was lucky enough to have with me an advance copy of Robert Harris’s novel Pompeii. At one level, the book is a thriller that kept me going through the entire […]

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Here Comes Krispy Kreme

If you don’t already know what Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are, well, I’m sorry about that. This Salon article will help you: For the already ordained, Krispy Kremes are the guilty pleasure of millions of otherwise health-seeking Americans, and the trend is sweeping the nation. The two main ingredients (lard and sugar) have positioned the […]

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An “American Patriot” is Actually a Canadian..

To further confirm that Americans fervently believe that all white people are born in the U.S., NASA chief Dan Goldin praises Canadian James Cameron as “an American Patriot” before a congressional inquiry. I saw “Titanic”. They can have ‘im. -Ian. ——– Wednesday May 2 4:50 PM ET NASA Chief Raps Tito, Praises Filmmaker Cameron […]

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[Red Herring] Blackberry picked to be the American I-mode Blackberry picked to be the American I-mode By Om Malik, December 05, 2000 Michael Dell has one, Marc Andreessen does not leave home without it, and it is a must-have accessory for every Wall Street investment banker. It’s not the American Express Platinum Card; it’s a lowly two-way pager, which also sends and […]

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More Info About Ian..

They’re doing bios of the people at one of the companies I’m working with, for their investors, so I was asked to jot down some informat- ion about myself. I was told to “make it interesting”. Apologies to Mom & Dad. You’d never toss cabers. -Ian. ——– Original Message ——– Subject: Re: Marketing Meeting Date: […]

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