The Yellow Pages: Adapt or die?

While there is much kvetching and hand-wringing of late regarding impending demise of the dead-tree business (sic) that is the newspaper industry, there is another dead-tree business that is descending quickly toward irrelevance:  The Yellow Pages. Every year, beginning around this time, trucks shunt around cities and visit every household in North America, and indeed […]

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HAM Radio Survives Blackout..

This one’s for Jeff (Pulver). -Ian. —— 20030819/ap_on_hi_te/blackout_ham_radio Ham Radios Came to Rescue in Blackout Tue Aug 19, 1:14 PM ET By STEPHEN SINGER, Associated Press Writer HARTFORD, Conn. – When technology failed on a massive scale last week, some old-fashioned broadcasting stepped into the breach as ham radio operators took to the airwaves […]

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NYTimes: The Wi-Fi Boom… December 12, 2002 The Wi-Fi Boom By ADAM BAER ON a brisk autumn day in Portland, Ore., Paul van Veen was soaking up some sun as he logged on to the Internet – from a spot in bustling Pioneer Courthouse Square. Mr. van Veen was looking for a job, and he was surfing the […]

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Internet Telephony Taking Off? 20020928/wr_nm/column_pluggedin_dc&sid•573503 Consumers See Deals in Internet Calling Sat Sep 28, 3:44 PM ET By Eric Auchard NEW YORK (Reuters) – Telephone calling via the Internet has come a long way from the days fives year ago of crackling walkie-talkie conversations, and U.S. consumers now have a range of choices that trade higher quality for […]

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