The Branch Plant Economy

This article was originally published @ TechVibes. The term Branch Plant Economy is not a new one, and gained specific relevance for Canada in the early 20th Century, when US Companies began to build factories in Canada to circumvent pricey tariffs on importing their wares to the Canadian market.  One example where this really took […]

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One more thought about Steve Jobs

I have been struggling (quite publicly) to condense why Steve Jobs is so unique and important to us all into a crisp, clear thought.  It’s difficult, of course, given the breadth and depth of his influence.  When talking to a CBC reporter by phone this evening I got very close to the thought I really want to express and after some hang-wringing and a great deal of editing, here it is.

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The Fox and the Hedgehog: Which one are you?

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”  – Archilochus Which one are you?  The ancient parable of the fox and the hedgehog has come into increasing view in popular culture lately.  And while its origins are somewhat ambiguous, the allegory has been applied to entrepreneurs, scientists, philosophers, playwrights, business leaders, […]

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The Yellow Pages: Adapt or die?

While there is much kvetching and hand-wringing of late regarding impending demise of the dead-tree business (sic) that is the newspaper industry, there is another dead-tree business that is descending quickly toward irrelevance:  The Yellow Pages. Every year, beginning around this time, trucks shunt around cities and visit every household in North America, and indeed […]

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Want More People to Vote? Fix the $@#%ing system.

An expensively-produced, celebrity-sprinkled video has been spreading virally around the web, preaching to the already converted that they need to “get out and vote”. Apparently this is Google’s handiwork. But is Hollywood/Silicon Valley really concerned about shepherding to the polls the already-educated, civic-minded political addicts that are voraciously consuming every piece of election-related material that […]

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