World Bank weighs in on ethanol

Finally, some common sense! On Friday in the Guardian World Bank head Robert Zoellick was quoted while speaking at an IMF meeting, saying that “in the US and Europe over the last year we have been focusing on the prices of gasoline at the pumps. While many worry about filling their gas tanks, many others […]

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How to Properly Export Hockey

It ended this afternoon (early evening, Buffalo time) with a shoot-out goal by phenom Sidney Crosby on Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller before 70,000 freezing, mostly-drunk fans mixed from Canadians and the occasional actual Buffalo Sabres fan amid a blinding snow storm. If you squint a little, that’s kind of how professional hockey began, more than […]

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The End of Cheap Food

This, dear friends, is a headline which should scare you.  Last week’s The Economist featured this rather alarmist (but accurate) headline on the cover.  And you should all pay heed.  Food is of course a benchmark for inflation, and among peoples in differing classes its price has served as a great equalizer.  When food costs more, we […]

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There’s no real innovation in telecom

Telecom has, generally speaking, become a zero-sum game. In fact it probably always was, despite numerous attempts by governments at deregulation. The fact of the matter is that even today, full-duplex voice conversations between two parties is almost entirely controlled by a cabal of international telecom companies, both wireless and wireline, who manipulate and milk […]

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iPhone For Canada in December

Earlier this year GIZMODO announced the obvious, that Rogers Wireless would eventually launch the iPhone in Canada, based on the ever-reliable “confirmation from customer service” which took the form of an apparent email… this turned out to be a hoax. Rogers is, of course, the only GSM carrier in Canada, and since the iPhone is […]

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