Buying The War..

Anyone who was on my old FOIB list knows that I was an outspoken opponent of America’s two excursions in Iraq. Bill Moyers recently produced a documentary called “Buying the War” which should be mandatory viewing for hawks and doves alike. In it, Moyers exposes a complicity in the American Press that vectors into boosterism. […]

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Fiction and The New Journalism…

The print media seems to be eating itself alive. In the drive for more sensationalism, more gripping headlines, more compelling stories, and most importantly more readership, editors are being effectively romanced by ambitious young writers seeking to make names for themselves — by stealing stories, plagiarizing their peers, and by fabricating entire events, people, and […]

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NBC Sacks Peter Arnett for Giving Iraqi TV Interview US network sacks top journalist US broadcaster NBC has sacked celebrated journalist Peter Arnett after he gave an interview on Iraqi television saying the US-led coalition’s initial war plan had failed. NBC said on Monday: “It was wrong for Mr Arnett to grant an interview to state-controlled Iraqi TV, especially at a time of […]

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War Coverage Spurs ‘Backpack’ Reporters 20030325/ap_on_bi_ge/war_backpack_journalists War Coverage Spurs ‘Backpack’ Reporters Tue Mar 25, 1:42 AM ET Add Technology – AP to My Yahoo! By RACHEL KONRAD, Associated Press Writer Armed with $15,000 in satellite phones and computers, Preston Mendenhall calls himself a “one-man band” who writes stories, snaps photographs and shoots video in combat zones. The international editor […]

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Fwd: Iraq Coverage on KCRW Begin forwarded message: > From: Ruth Seymour > Date: Thu Mar 20, 2003 5:59:10 PM US/Pacific > To: kcrw [at] ianbell [dot] com > Subject: Iraq Coverage on KCRW > Reply-To: Ruth Seymour > > Dear KCRW listener: > > You can hear rolling coverage from NPR, the BBC and CNN on KCRW. We […]

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The Failure Of The Sixth Estate… THE FAILED PROMISE OF NEW JOURNALISM Greg Hughes takes a harsh, unflinching look at why political journalism on the web is falling short of its potential. | Dec.13.2002 | The world of modern journalism has become a much busier (and more complicated) place in the last ten years. For the average Westerner, the early […]

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