2009: The Year of the Hypocrite

It was a year that began with such promise.  Having elected an African-American democrat, America seemed to be shrugging off eight full years of its most oppressive, incompetent, and deceitful government of the modern era and was moving boldly into a new political and social revolution anchored by hope.  There remained the promise that from […]

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The US Health Care Debate

American politics are so polarized at the moment around the issue of health care that it’s hard to envision a favourable outcome.  I would define a favourable outcome as a more cost-efficient system that guarantees coverage for all American citizens and provides non-elective treatment for free — or, at least, on a co-pay basis that […]

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The End of Cheap Food

This, dear friends, is a headline which should scare you.  Last week’s The Economist featured this rather alarmist (but accurate) headline on the cover.  And you should all pay heed.  Food is of course a benchmark for inflation, and among peoples in differing classes its price has served as a great equalizer.  When food costs more, we […]

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William McDonough’s Talk @ TED

Through various chicanes and twists I stumbled today on a 20-minute talk from TED 2005 by architect and designer William McDonough. There is of course much discussion of sustainability at events like this, but moreso than most he’s a guy who’s walking the walk. The video describes a building complex designed for The Gap headquarters […]

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Apple Can’t Ship Keyboards?!

Back in the ’90s, when I actually logged some time at a campus Apple reseller, the Apple supply chain was ridiculously poor, due to its unpredictability and the occasional ridiculous lack of availability of basic accessories. Often our academic customers would spend their hard-earned grant money on complete Apple systems only to receive them 3-4 […]

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Purchasing Power..

http://news.yahoo.com/?tmpl=story2&u=/nm/20030425/od_nm/ economy_china_yuan_dc Who Has Cheapest Big Macs? Fri Apr 25, 9:11 AM ET Add Oddly Enough – Reuters to My Yahoo! BEIJING (Reuters) – Critics who charge that China’s exchange rate policy gives it an unfair edge in selling its goods abroad have some statistical sauce to beef up their argument: the McDonald’s Big Mac. […]

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Fashion Outbreak…

Strangely, no one in California that I’ve talked to this week really seems to care about SARS. No surprise, since there have been few cases and even fewer deaths, and since travel in the US is so widespread there are few clusters of cases, thus no real outbreak (YET!) as there is in Canada and […]

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Selling to Saddam..

http://www.fortune.com/fortune/investing/articles/0,15114,438836,00.html FIRST: MILITARY SUPPLIES Who Sold What to Iraq? The U.S. aims to hunt down companies that supplied Saddam. FORTUNE Sunday, March 30, 2003 By Nelson D. Schwartz When the first wave of American soldiers swept out of the desert and headed north toward Baghdad, the Iraqis weren’t the only ones who experienced shock and […]

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