2009: The Year of the Hypocrite

It was a year that began with such promise.  Having elected an African-American democrat, America seemed to be shrugging off eight full years of its most oppressive, incompetent, and deceitful government of the modern era and was moving boldly into a new political and social revolution anchored by hope.  There remained the promise that from […]

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The Fox and the Hedgehog: Which one are you?

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”  – Archilochus Which one are you?  The ancient parable of the fox and the hedgehog has come into increasing view in popular culture lately.  And while its origins are somewhat ambiguous, the allegory has been applied to entrepreneurs, scientists, philosophers, playwrights, business leaders, […]

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Faux News Offends Canada Again

I must admit that this took a while to get to me since I tend to pay attention to actual news and not racist, homophobic, xenophobic, marginalist neo-con right-wing propaganda, but Greg Gutfeld last week took time out of his busy broadcast schedule to offend Canadians and trivialize the deaths of more than 116 of […]

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Shame On You.

There’s a saying in business that goes “eat what you kill”. It seems Wall Street believes in this mantra, right up until they become the prey. Nonetheless, Wall Street is currently dining out on the U.S. Taxpayer. Thank your congressman in a month or so, would ya? In one graceless arabesque, the U.S. House of […]

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The End of Cheap Food

This, dear friends, is a headline which should scare you.  Last week’s The Economist featured this rather alarmist (but accurate) headline on the cover.  And you should all pay heed.  Food is of course a benchmark for inflation, and among peoples in differing classes its price has served as a great equalizer.  When food costs more, we […]

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Ethanol is Sparking an Agribubble

The law of unintended consequences can be a bitch. When you meddle with the natural order of things, imbalances inevitably occur. Regulators (because that’s what they do) observe the imbalances and add more meddling regulations in an attempt to counteract them — creating yet further imbalances. The end result is what you have today: an […]

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Buying The War..

Anyone who was on my old FOIB list knows that I was an outspoken opponent of America’s two excursions in Iraq. Bill Moyers recently produced a documentary called “Buying the War” which should be mandatory viewing for hawks and doves alike. In it, Moyers exposes a complicity in the American Press that vectors into boosterism. […]

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