You Fucking Morons

I’m not usually one to get excited about this sort of stuff, but living as I do at pretty-much the epicentre of the coming Olympics in Vancouver 2010 issues of security, terrorism, and other such hysteria have got my spider-senses tingling.  I’m fairly convinced that, given Canada’s very active participation in NATO’s Afghan adventure and […]

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Faux News Offends Canada Again

I must admit that this took a while to get to me since I tend to pay attention to actual news and not racist, homophobic, xenophobic, marginalist neo-con right-wing propaganda, but Greg Gutfeld last week took time out of his busy broadcast schedule to offend Canadians and trivialize the deaths of more than 116 of […]

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Another C-17 incident at Bagram

Last week a US Air Force C-17 transport plane (tail #96-0002) made a dazzling nighttime “wheels up” belly landing at Bagram Air Base in Aghanistan sending sparks and flames higher than the tailplane (which on the C-17 is five stories high).  The crash led to a three-day closure of the airfield for fixed-wing operations, as […]

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Buying The War..

Anyone who was on my old FOIB list knows that I was an outspoken opponent of America’s two excursions in Iraq. Bill Moyers recently produced a documentary called “Buying the War” which should be mandatory viewing for hawks and doves alike. In it, Moyers exposes a complicity in the American Press that vectors into boosterism. […]

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As the Stanley Cup playoffs rage on, a select crew of Canadian players whose teams are out of the running are over in Moscow defending Canada’s great cultural hockey tradition at the IIHF Hockey World Championships. The 2007 team, which was given a pass this year by past, current, and future greats like Sidney Crosby, […]

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Going To War With Halliburton..

* Halliburton: All In The Family* April 27, 2003 After dropping more than 28,000 bombs on Iraq, the United States has now begun the business of rebuilding the country. And it promises to be quite a business. With at least $60 billion to be spent over the next three years, the Iraqi people won’t be […]

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