The Yellow Pages: Adapt or die?

While there is much kvetching and hand-wringing of late regarding impending demise of the dead-tree business (sic) that is the newspaper industry, there is another dead-tree business that is descending quickly toward irrelevance:  The Yellow Pages. Every year, beginning around this time, trucks shunt around cities and visit every household in North America, and indeed […]

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Verisign’s Domain Redirects

Begin forwarded message: > From: Jeffrey Kay > Date: Tue Sep 23, 2003 7:20:55 AM US/Pacific > To: FoRK > Subject: Verisign’s Domain Redirects > > Seems like DNS is in trouble yet again. This is a pretty interesting > issue. > One could argue that managing a root gTLD server is a public trust […]

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Google vs. Evil… Issue 11.01 – January 2003 Google vs. Evil The world’s biggest, best-loved search engine owes its success to supreme technology and a simple rule: Don’t be evil. Now the geek icon is finding that moral compromise is just the cost of doing big business. By Josh McHugh Life used to be so much easier […]

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Yahoo & SBC Team Up on Broadband…

An interesting combination really. SBC can’t convince enough people to buy DSL over regular modems because there’s no high-speed content. Yahoo! (allegedly) makes money by providing all forms of content and could make more money by providing high-speed content. So they team up and hopefully solve a problem. This beats the old daze, when the […]

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Another Cabinet Shuffle at AOL… Dow Jones Business News America Online Announces New Senior-Management Structure Thursday September 12, 12:11 pm ET DULLES, Va. — AOL Time Warner Inc.’s America Online Inc. (NYSE:AOL – News) unit streamlined its management structure in hopes of increasing accountability at the online giant, while setting clearer priorities and clarifying its organization roles. ADVERTISEMENT The […]

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ExCITE@Home is Officially Dead@Toast.

Too bad… They had a good cafeteria. -Ian. ——— Friday September 28 8:32 PM ET ExciteAtHome to Sell Assets to AT&T By MATTHEW FORDAHL, AP Technology Writer SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) – ExciteAtHome, the leading provider of high-speed Internet access over cable television lines, said Friday it will sell its broadband business to AT&T […]

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