Five Things I’d Do If I Were RIM’s CEO

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Much glee and angst is being expressed over RIM’s current “transition“.  The whole situation has become so theatrical and cliched that yesterday I was compelled to tweet my observation that RIM’s current transition in the SmartPhone market is not dissimilar from the Titanic’s transition in the iceberg market.  It’s clear that, along with a litany of 1990s tech giants before it, RIM is following a cliched playbook (pardon the pun) that has not borne long-term dividends for shareholders in the vast majority of prior examples. At any rate, in the unlikely event that I were to suddenly become the CEO of RIM, a company that is about 1,300 times larger than my own modest startup, here is what I would do:

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Reflections on Connect 2010 Vancouver

I enjoyed Connect this year but figured I’d toss my constructive feedback out to the community for discussion, debate, or possibly even confirmation. As you can probably guess I’ve spent almost 20 years attending, speaking at, and even helping organize conferences within technology, business and academia. At this point I could not possibly account for […]

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Vancouver: Wonders Start Here

At last, here it is… (click here to view on Vimeo). …after months of toil and tinkering we have finally released the Vancouver video to you, the world.  Thanks to those who helped at every level — from our sponsors at Microsoft, the BCIC, the BCTIA, and VEDC; to the student volunteers who crewed our […]

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Reflections on the Harley Weekend

I have just spent three days riding motorcycles in some of the most inclement weather that it’s possible to throw at a biker. I did this because Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada invited me and a few others to talk about our businesses, learn about the brand, and experience (for the first time) their motorcycles. I wrote […]

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Looking Forward to GROWing

Vancouver is the scene of a wonderfully diverse and burgeoning technology economy.  One effort I am making to shepherd this along is with a film I’ve been producing in partnership with the Vancouver Film School, Microsoft Canada, BCTIA, VEDC, and BC Innovation Council.  Another is of course the entrepreneurial endeavour begun by Patrick and I […]

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