Racism and the NHL

So goes the maxim, as oft attributed to Mark Twain as to Abraham Lincoln: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”. Twitter is, for so many of us (yours truly included) the loudspeaker for a great deal of idiocy.  It’s also a permanent archive.  The […]

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The Branch Plant Economy

This article was originally published @ TechVibes. The term Branch Plant Economy is not a new one, and gained specific relevance for Canada in the early 20th Century, when US Companies began to build factories in Canada to circumvent pricey tariffs on importing their wares to the Canadian market.  One example where this really took […]

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Make Love Everywhere

Love each other.  Is it so difficult? Why not reflect on that advice this Valentine’s Day?  And in addition to loving someone you see and love every day, love a stranger. Think for a moment that the same person whom you loved as a teen is that same person who you chatted with in the […]

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To The Moon, Alice

Why is it that every time a politician feels themselves sagging in the polls, they invoke some improbable, obviously impossible, pipe dream about the space program?  This pantomime is almost invariably played out in front of a NASA audience in Cape Canaveral, involves some completely ludicrous timeframe, and involved rockets.  Americans, apparently, love them some […]

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One more thought about Steve Jobs

I have been struggling (quite publicly) to condense why Steve Jobs is so unique and important to us all into a crisp, clear thought.  It’s difficult, of course, given the breadth and depth of his influence.  When talking to a CBC reporter by phone this evening I got very close to the thought I really want to express and after some hang-wringing and a great deal of editing, here it is.

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Is Apple inventing the future?

Every time I watch an Apple announcement such as this morning’s, I am reminded of a series of vision videos that Apple produced with Alan Kay in the late ’80s and early ’90s.  Apple seems to be steadily and unflinchingly chipping away at every aspect of these videos, guided by this 20+ year vision to […]

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Five Things I’d Do If I Were RIM’s CEO

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="280" caption="Can RIM Make a U-Turn?"][/caption]

Much glee and angst is being expressed over RIM’s current “transition“.  The whole situation has become so theatrical and cliched that yesterday I was compelled to tweet my observation that RIM’s current transition in the SmartPhone market is not dissimilar from the Titanic’s transition in the iceberg market.  It’s clear that, along with a litany of 1990s tech giants before it, RIM is following a cliched playbook (pardon the pun) that has not borne long-term dividends for shareholders in the vast majority of prior examples. At any rate, in the unlikely event that I were to suddenly become the CEO of RIM, a company that is about 1,300 times larger than my own modest startup, here is what I would do:

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