Apple’s Massive Cash Glut

Apple Now Has $121.3 Billion In Cash according to TechCrunch.  Here are some creative things they could do with that horde (but likely won’t) that would still be fun to imagine. Field the world’s most powerful Air-to-Air Fighting Force At $150M fly-away cost, Apple could buy 550 F-22 Raptor airplanes, fund their operations (calculated at […]

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The US Health Care Debate

American politics are so polarized at the moment around the issue of health care that it’s hard to envision a favourable outcome.  I would define a favourable outcome as a more cost-efficient system that guarantees coverage for all American citizens and provides non-elective treatment for free — or, at least, on a co-pay basis that […]

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World Bank weighs in on ethanol

Finally, some common sense! On Friday in the Guardian World Bank head Robert Zoellick was quoted while speaking at an IMF meeting, saying that “in the US and Europe over the last year we have been focusing on the prices of gasoline at the pumps. While many worry about filling their gas tanks, many others […]

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The End of Cheap Food

This, dear friends, is a headline which should scare you.  Last week’s The Economist featured this rather alarmist (but accurate) headline on the cover.  And you should all pay heed.  Food is of course a benchmark for inflation, and among peoples in differing classes its price has served as a great equalizer.  When food costs more, we […]

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William McDonough’s Talk @ TED

Through various chicanes and twists I stumbled today on a 20-minute talk from TED 2005 by architect and designer William McDonough. There is of course much discussion of sustainability at events like this, but moreso than most he’s a guy who’s walking the walk. The video describes a building complex designed for The Gap headquarters […]

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Ethanol is Sparking an Agribubble

The law of unintended consequences can be a bitch. When you meddle with the natural order of things, imbalances inevitably occur. Regulators (because that’s what they do) observe the imbalances and add more meddling regulations in an attempt to counteract them — creating yet further imbalances. The end result is what you have today: an […]

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Warning Labels on Fat Kids

Some folks wanna put warning labels on Soft Drinks. I think that, just to be sure, the US should install warning labels on all fingers indicating that putting them in proximity to one’s mouth while holding food could result in dire obesity, particularly in North America. But does anyone really think that Warning Labels are […]

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