Startup Lessons from Tyler Durden

The movie “Fight Club” offers more lessons than you’d think about being a successful entrepreneur.  Like the book it is based on, the film harnesses the fantastical angst of Generation X, confronting the hypocrisy and injustice in society with ironic (and mostly comically destructive) remedies. Its central character Tyler Durden (played by Brad Pitt) serves […]

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McKayla Is Not Impressed

Inspired by I created a few of my own and submitted them.  It’s been taking a while for these to get approved so this is mostly so that I don’t delete these true works of art forever. McKayla is NOT impressed with Mickey Mantle.    McKayla knows the rug really tied the room together. […]

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Dennis Bell 1943-2012

In Memory of Dennis Neil Bell
… a gifted and brilliant storyteller and adventurer. Treasured by his peers in newsrooms all around Canada who enjoyed his candour, wit, and wisdom. My father never let the weird prevent him from uncovering the wonderful.

For most of my youth he served as chapter President of the Big Time Mountaineering Club, whose most noteworthy achievement was having never climbed a mountain.

Well, that isn’t really true: he shared his love of the outdoors with his family and friends. He took me high into the Kananaskis, following the river to Turbine Canyon, which is where his ashes will be dispersed.

Many journalists from across the country reached out to pay tribute to Dennis when he passed away… here are a couple of the public tributes:

Miss you, Dad. — at New Westminister BC.

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Make Love Everywhere

Love each other.  Is it so difficult? Why not reflect on that advice this Valentine’s Day?  And in addition to loving someone you see and love every day, love a stranger. Think for a moment that the same person whom you loved as a teen is that same person who you chatted with in the […]

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Reflections on Connect 2010 Vancouver

I enjoyed Connect this year but figured I’d toss my constructive feedback out to the community for discussion, debate, or possibly even confirmation. As you can probably guess I’ve spent almost 20 years attending, speaking at, and even helping organize conferences within technology, business and academia. At this point I could not possibly account for […]

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Vancouver: Wonders Start Here

At last, here it is… (click here to view on Vimeo). …after months of toil and tinkering we have finally released the Vancouver video to you, the world.  Thanks to those who helped at every level — from our sponsors at Microsoft, the BCIC, the BCTIA, and VEDC; to the student volunteers who crewed our […]

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Reflections on the Harley Weekend

I have just spent three days riding motorcycles in some of the most inclement weather that it’s possible to throw at a biker. I did this because Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada invited me and a few others to talk about our businesses, learn about the brand, and experience (for the first time) their motorcycles. I wrote […]

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