How To Bomb Big Cable

The breakup of the Bell System, and the shifting tides in our approach to the regulation of communications in the US, was likely the single-most important precursor to the growth of the Consumer Internet.  Without these, consumers would never have been able to purchase dial-up modems from computer manufacturers, would never have connected to ISPs, […]

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Apple’s Massive Cash Glut

Apple Now Has $121.3 Billion In Cash according to TechCrunch.  Here are some creative things they could do with that horde (but likely won’t) that would still be fun to imagine. Field the world’s most powerful Air-to-Air Fighting Force At $150M fly-away cost, Apple could buy 550 F-22 Raptor airplanes, fund their operations (calculated at […]

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Nine One One

11 years ago… I woke up to my good friend Greg Lensch frantically calling me at 5:45AM, aware that I was supposed to be flying from Newark to San Francisco on that clear blue September Tuesday morning. Instead he found me slumbering in San Francisco having changed my plans. Together (by phone) we watched the towers crumble […]

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Ottawa’s Covert War on SR&ED

This post originally appears at To technology entrepreneurs, the 2012 federal budget, tabled in May, is conspicuous in not meddling with the Scientific Research and Experimental Development rebate program (SR&ED).  This despite numerous signals sent by the federal Conservatives throughout 2011 that, in their view, SR&ED is the object of rampant abuse and in […]

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Racism and the NHL

So goes the maxim, as oft attributed to Mark Twain as to Abraham Lincoln: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”. Twitter is, for so many of us (yours truly included) the loudspeaker for a great deal of idiocy.  It’s also a permanent archive.  The […]

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The Branch Plant Economy

This article was originally published @ TechVibes. The term Branch Plant Economy is not a new one, and gained specific relevance for Canada in the early 20th Century, when US Companies began to build factories in Canada to circumvent pricey tariffs on importing their wares to the Canadian market.  One example where this really took […]

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To The Moon, Alice

Why is it that every time a politician feels themselves sagging in the polls, they invoke some improbable, obviously impossible, pipe dream about the space program?  This pantomime is almost invariably played out in front of a NASA audience in Cape Canaveral, involves some completely ludicrous timeframe, and involved rockets.  Americans, apparently, love them some […]

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