Racism and the NHL

So goes the maxim, as oft attributed to Mark Twain as to Abraham Lincoln: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”. Twitter is, for so many of us (yours truly included) the loudspeaker for a great deal of idiocy.  It’s also a permanent archive.  The […]

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Matt Cooke’s Dangerous Elbow

Matt Cooke, who like most NHL players is actually a nice guy off the ice, seems to suffer from a disorder that makes his on-ice personality the target of the ire of not only his opponents, but even his team-mates.  And now, like ripples through a still pond, a backlash is growing that may ultimately […]

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Stanley Cup Goes For a Swim

Lord Stanley’s cup, purchased in London for 10 guineas, is said to be the most difficult trophy in sports to attain.    As such, it has been subjected to various indignities over the years.  It is rumoured to have spent a weekend on Guy Lafleur’s lawn in 1978, unguarded, for all his neighbours to see.  Countless […]

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