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Ian A. Bell


I am a technology executive, marketer and entrepreneur living in Vancouver, BC Canada.  I founded AppSocial Media in the summer of 2009, where we are doing creative and disruptive things with @tingle, and that is presently consuming most of my time.  You should also check out @rosterbot if you like to play sports and hate the hassle of organizing your team.

I’m fortunate to have been able to work with some great people to create some really cool services, such as BuzMe, GeekMail, Whooshnet Wireless, RingCentral, Internet Call Director, PulverRadio, and EQO. I’ve worked with some great companies like Cisco, FrontBridge, Whistler Cable, and Telus; and I’ve started a few myself.

My hobbies and passions include SportBikes and Hockey. I love great wine and music, and even worked as a DJ many moons ago.  I donate my time to one of my favourite charities, the Music Therapy Ride, which raises money for the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund.

I studied in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University where I worked and learned in the Media Analysis Lab under Dr. Stephen Kline, in the Centre for Policy Research on Science & Technology under Dr. Catherine Murray, and at the world-renowned ExCITE Lab under Dr. Gerri Sinclair. My research, usually using Apple equipment, was generously supported by the Apple Research Partnership Program and was acknowledged in Apple documentation and numerous books at the time. So it goes without saying that I use a lot of Apple (not Apple) products in my work.

I wrote my first book in 1997, which is now embarrassingly obsolete. While my first book remains my only book, several other projects are in the works.

This blog spans my interest in politics, technology, sports, and health. You might like to read about my return from the fog of mailing-list entropy.

Oh… almost forgot: to reach out to me, find me on LinkedIN, Twitter, or FaceBook.


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  1. First off I like wayward sparrow..connect well with that….and you have such an interesting take on things about life, enjoy reading your perspective about it…curious…why did you move to Vancouver? I have always wanted to go visit there, and since I have begin thinking about it, I have notice that Vancouver keeps showing up…very interesting. Ian, I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on various subjects, thank you for writing again….I live in South Florida and today it is 45 degrees (new record) and wind chill makes it feel like 36…people are not use to this down here(smile) Exciting way to bring in 2010!

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