Suck sez WAP Sucks

Yet another publication chimes in with a strong Anti-WAP message: WAP sucks. Of course, the fact that WAP sucks is old news on FOIB, but this article is really funny. At the root of the problem are the Wireless Service Providers, now shifting like sand dunes to avoid their PR problems. Combining the instability of […]

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Habs: Who’s Your Daddy?

This week the Molson family, having ceased their sponsorship of Molson’s Hockey Night in Canada, are further de-verticalizing themselves. They have now unloaded one of the worst of Canada’s six embarrassingly crappy NHL hockey teams (competition is stiff this year). Most major Canadian companies (except Bombardier) have long since left the province of Quebec thanks […]

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For FUN only I’m streaming about 4 hours’ worth of fun, happenin’ 80s tunes on my server at home. There are some pretty funny surprises. If you feel like listening in.. Periodically (when I remember) I’ll be changing the playlist. Tune in whenever you like.. -Ian.

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No #%@$ing Way…

Old bits, I know… But I just don’t read “Spaceflight Now Magazine” as much as I used to… -Ian. ——- TV show ‘Survivor’ plans future series around Mir MIRCORP NEWS RELEASE Posted: August 10, 2000   Mir orbiting Earth. Photo: NASA   MirCorp has announced that it has signed an agreement with Mark Burnett, […]

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Hasta La Vista, Sega

Like the Commodore Amiga and the BETA VCR, another case study in the ability for inferior technology to triumph through shrewd business strategy, the Dreamcast system, is now toast. Borrowing a page from the Microsoft employee handbook, SONY has effectively FUDed Dreamcast out of the Console business. The question is, can Microsoft FUD SONY? -Ian. […]

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Escape from Silicon Valley..

BIV just asked me to write an article about my experiences on the RollerCoaster. I think this might be more than they were looking for.. Escape From Silicon Valley As I stared up from under the sweat-soaked crown of my badly scarred goalie mask I saw the opposing line take shape around centre ice: Sun […]

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FW: Gomez and the 2 way internet

Much as individual web sites such as “” suffer from their success do to their inability to meet demand, so the web in general is having difficulty meeting the scaling requirements of its own popularity. If you believe this (and I do) then you ought to run out and purchase shares in companies like Akamai […]

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Riding out the power bumps…

Ironically coincident to the present growing power crises in California and Alberta, Vancouver BC had its own nasty power failure this week, thanks to a blown switch somewhere in Burnaby (uh… Dad?). Some of us don’t necessarily want the insolvency of the power companies to affect our viewing of DVDs on the ol’ home theatre, […]

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I just saw a house I used to live in @ West 2nd & Collingwood in Vancouver used as a set in the opening to a movie called “Run” while flipping channels. Wacky. -Ian.

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Big Surprise..

It’s finally done. -Ian. Thursday January 11 10:17 PM ET AOL Acquires Time Warner After FCC Approval By Jeremy Pelofsky WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Internet giant America Online Inc. on Thursday acquired cable and media conglomerate Time Warner Inc., becoming the world’s largest media company after winning conditional approval from the Federal Communications Commission. Exactly […]

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