Suck sez WAP Sucks

Yet another publication chimes in with a strong Anti-WAP message: WAP sucks. Of course, the fact that WAP sucks is

Habs: Who’s Your Daddy?

This week the Molson family, having ceased their sponsorship of Molson’s Hockey Night in Canada, are further de-verticalizing themselves. They


For FUN only I’m streaming about 4 hours’ worth of fun, happenin’ 80s tunes on my server at home. There

No #%@$ing Way…

Old bits, I know… But I just don’t read “Spaceflight Now Magazine” as much as I used to… -Ian.

Hasta La Vista, Sega

Like the Commodore Amiga and the BETA VCR, another case study in the ability for inferior technology to triumph through

Riding out the power bumps…

Ironically coincident to the present growing power crises in California and Alberta, Vancouver BC had its own nasty power failure


I just saw a house I used to live in @ West 2nd & Collingwood in Vancouver used as a

Big Surprise..

It’s finally done. -Ian. Thursday January 11 10:17 PM ET AOL Acquires Time Warner After FCC Approval By Jeremy